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Life Sciences Translations

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Life Sciences translations are about lives. Intertranslations, with full awareness of this responsibility employs for such projects dedicated teams of translators with proven experience in medical translations and uses specialized translation memories for the validity of medical terminology.

Intertranslations has dealt extensively with medical and pharmaceutical translations and is a very reputable name in the field. Translators and editors of Intertranslations specializing in life sciences translations possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide accurate and effective translations.

Linguistic fluency and medical expertise ensure that a medical text can be translated from one language to another with accuracy and effectiveness. The requirements of various bodies including hospitals, health care providers, insurance companies and public health administration services, at a local or international level, must also be taken into consideration. In this field, issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure are of utmost importance and are treated as such by Intertranslations.

The material translated by Intertranslations during its twenty years in the field of medical and pharmaceutical translations covers a wide range of topics including:

• Translations of patient records and histories

• Hospital sheets translations

• Discharges translations

• Clinical studies translations

• Manuals translations

• Patents translations

• Products translations

• Equipment translations

• Scientific communications translations

• Manuscripts translations

• Bibliography translations

• Lists translations

• Translations of specifications for manufacturers, exporters and suppliers

• Drugs translations

• Therapies translations

• Medical legal frameworks translations

• Translations of medical regulatory frameworks

• Pharmaceutical translations

By uncovering medical innovations between languages, translations can significantly improve the quality of life for millions of people.

• Medical Equipment translations

Intertranslations specializes in the translation of the medical personnel armamentarium, facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of patients worldwide.

• Biotechnology translations

Intertranslations has long been focused on the field of BioTech, perhaps the fastest growing technology, resulting in the accumulation of extensive knowledge.

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