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Legal Translations

Delivering reliable and accurate legal translation solutions to global law firms and legal professionals

By having the option to define the appropriate translator from its pool of elite vendors, Intertranslations ensures that translation teams which undertake legal translation projects have the necessary experience and expertise to comply with the relevant industry standards.

Consistency in translation projects is ensured by access to legal translation tools such as translation memories, glossaries, dictionaries and terminologies.

Project managers, proofreaders, translators and editors, who make up the legal translation team, guarantee timely delivery and quality control in each phase of the project.

In particular, the strict legal translators’ selection standards of Intertranslations attest that the specialized team will:

• be part-linguist, part-legal scholar, as well as able to thoroughly scrutinize over any relevant material

• be willing and able to research and define legal concepts expressed in the source language that may not even have an equivalent in the language or the legal system of the target text

• decode the source text and reconstruct its meaning in the target text

• be extremely knowledgeable in the legal field, as he/she should know that each area of law requires specific translation techniques. For example, a contractual document has little in common with a will, an administrative certificate, a judicial decision or a statute

• understand the intended use of the translation, as it will depict his or her approach on translating the text (terminology, phraseology, syntax, register [tone])

• be able to successfully bridge the division of legal systems, as well as be fully aware of the language and culture of source and target language.

Intertranslations’ legal translations aim to meet and exceed customer needs and to do so they are carried out by translators specialized in the legislation of each country.

Intertranslations can also guarantee the accuracy of its legal translations through the use of the extensive legal terminology memory banks it has built on its more than 20 years of experience in legal translations of any kind.

An indicative list of legal translation projects carried out by Intertranslations includes:

• Lawsuit translations• Disclaimer translations
• Procedures translations• Wills translations
• Arbitration translations• International Law translations
• Rights translations• Judgments translations
• Patent translations• Public Offerings translations
• Commercial Law translations• Trademark translations
• Authority translations• Extrajudicial translations
• Company Law translations• Witness Statement translations
• Statutes translations• Subpoena translations
• Legal Texts translations• Certifications translations
• Property translations• Criminal Records translations
• Appeals translations• Contracts translations
• Agreement translations

Legal texts translations are executed by experienced translators who are selected based on the following qualifications:

1. Basic knowledge of the legal systems (both of the source and target languages)

2. Familiarity with the relevant area / field of law

3. Familiarity with the relevant terminology

4. Excellent knowledge of the source language

5. Competence in the specific legal writing style of the target language

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