Translation services to a broad range of industries


We deliver translation solutions to numerous clients across multiple industries globally:

  • Legal Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Marketing Translation Services
  • Translations for Government and Public Sector
  • Software and Games Localisation
  • Industrial and Engineering Translation Services
  • Energy and Environmental Translation Services
  • Life Sciences Translation Services
  • Automotive Translation Services

Software and Games Localisation

The software localization sector is particularly exciting for translators and attractive to developers. Translators have the opportunity to transfer a complete experience in the culture of the users while developers come into contact with new target markets.

The high technology tools and certified procedures that Intertranslations uses establish it as a pioneer in software localization, whether this regards websites, mobile applications, games or their documentation.

Industrial and Engineering Translations

Intertranslations’ experience in construction translations has been built over 20 years of projects for the largest companies in the world, making us the ideal partner for any translation need.

Companies active in the industry and construction sectors perfectly organize their supply chain and translations are no exception. Intertranslations translates information into communication in order for our clients to be competitive globally.

Energy and Environmental Translations

Intertranslations provides energy and environmental industries with high-quality professional translation and localization services.


Life Sciences Translations

Intertranslations has dealt extensively with medical and pharmaceutical translations and is a very reputable name in the field. Translators and editors of Intertranslations specializing in life sciences translations possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide accurate and effective translations.

Financial Translations

Intertranslations financial translations department has evolved alongside the specialist translation needs of the European Union finance sector and played an essential part in the development and maintenance of financial links between Greece and the European financial community.

We offer support to financial organizations and institutions, helping them to develop their international presence by offering accurate and professional translation services. This has made Intertranslations an essential partner to companies and institutions in the finance sector.

Legal Translations

Intertranslations’ legal translations aim to meet and exceed customer needs and to do so they are carried out by translators specialized in the legislation of each country.

Intertranslations can also guarantee the accuracy of its legal translations through the use of the extensive legal terminology memory banks it has built on its more than 20 years of experience in legal translations of any kind.


Intertranslations has extensive terminology expertise, required by leading automotive manufacturers to describe mechanical and electronic systems, methods and processes, in the industry as used by engineers, technicians, dealers, suppliers and customers and can be translated into all commercial languages.