Official Translations

Official validation of your translations free of charge!

Official Translations

If you are looking for translators or interpreters for accurate translations in all languages, you may directly contact one of our specialised partners in Intertranslations.

All texts are analysed at morphological-syntactical, semantic, factual and stylistic level, and the most appropriate terminology is searched and used in relation to the subject of any text.

Translation Agency

Intertranslations was established in 1996 as a translation agency and has been providing to this day –now as a leading translation company– translation services, specialising in technical, legal, financial, marketing, education and medical texts in all European and Asian languages.

By constantly investing in our human resources and advanced technologies, we meet our clients’ needs providing translations, integrated solutions for digital and print material services and web development in multiple languages.

Translation Office

Intertranslations is building long-term, solid business relationships, based on:

1. Reliability and safety in any translation project you may assign to us, through certified procedures of monitoring involved translators and employees, to eliminate all risks regarding the safety of your files and data.

2. High-quality translation services throughout our cooperation, on any project you might assign to us, which properly reflect your current corporate culture and specific features in the texts.

Translation Centre

Since 1996, Intertranslations has been an established translation centre in the European translation industry, providing quality translation and interpretation services, by focusing on reliability, strict professional diligence and best possible customer service.

Our centre primarily offers translation and interpretation services, specialising in legal, financial, technical and medical translation, by using cutting-edge IT systems, translation technologies and sophisticated technological equipment.

Translation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Validated translations delivered by Intertranslations are equivalent to the official translations provided by the translation office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We fully comply with the relevant provisions of the Greek laws, to deliver immediate, efficient, low-cost solutions to our clients. Delivery time is considerably less than that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as we can deliver validated translations on the same day.

Validated Translations

We validate the translations you have assigned to us free of charge. Translations are validated by our associate lawyers, and are fully recognised by competent public organisations.