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Translation Services for the Pharmaceutical Sector

Our client,* a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of prescription medications for people and animals worldwide. The company’s Biopharmaceutical segment offers products in the areas of primary and speciality care, established products, emerging markets, and oncology customer-focused units. The company operates in more than 85 countries and their products are available in 150 countries.

Business Requirements

When the company approached Intertranslations, they wanted to improve translation quality as well as terminology consistency. At the same, time they wanted to maintain quality standards with the rest of the group and reduce translation costs based on advanced project management translation procedures and computer assisted translation (CAT) tools.


  • Uncompromising accuracy and keeping in line with the stringent quality standards set by the company was the main achievement
  • Exceeded expectations of translation costs with an overall reduction of 25%
  • The company translation needs were controlled through CAT tools and processes offering high consistency in technical term translations.


Intertranslations offers specialised translation services to the pharmaceutical sector. The Pharmaceutical translation is a quite specific field and requires extensive expertise. Pharmaceutical terminology can be difficult to understand by those without the relevant scientific background. Intertranslations is highly familiar with the area’s specific acronyms and eponyms, along with Latin phrases and terms used in pharmacology.

We complete Industry projects based on:

  • Methodology: Through Intertranslations planned, organized and straightforward procedures, our clients can tackle their translation needs, identifying the cheapest, fastest and best way of completing their translation work. Projects completed by Intertranslations can ensure: text adaptation and localization in the best possible way to comply with local regulations and market requirements.
  • Technology and Infrastructure: The building and use of language translation “assets” offered by Intertranslations, which are made of translation memories, area-specific dictionaries and glossaries, enable us to reuse the content across drug-related documents and optimise our clients translation process which, in turn, saves time, ensures quality, and inevitably reduces their costs.
  • Human Resources: Our translators have professional experience in medical translations and are experts in using industry tools. The use of CAT tools speed up work and improve consistency. Our translators are trained to be precise, accurate, and meticulous when completing pharmaceutical projects. The exactness of a medical translation is of extreme importance.
  • Language Strategy Consulting: Intertranslations has 16 years of experience in the industry. Our specific knowledge in the field can help your company understand what markets to target, which languages to complete, and which materials to localize.

Translation Projects Completed in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Companies in the industry (please refer to website) who have trusted Intertranslations with projects covering: Clinical studies data, Clinical trials, CMC, Drug approvals, Drug development files, Drug manufacturing processes, Drug patent applications, Drug registration dossiers, Drugs distribution and marketing, Drugs labelling and packaging, Marketing communications material, press releases, product launches, medical devices, equipment, and surgical instruments, medical information for patients and physicians, patient information leaflet, testing procedures, PIL, packaging, labelling etc.

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[*] for confidentiality issues we cannot disclose the name of our client who wishes to remain anonymous

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