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Translation Services for the Machinery Manufacturing Sector

Our client* manufactures professional pruning shears since 1945. At the dawn of the new millennium, the company has confirmed its position as a world leader in the pruning shears and cable cutters market. The company makes the best quality pruning shears and saws, cutters and other special tools for gardening and for use in vineyards and woods.

Business Requirements

The company used Intertranslations because of our experience in translations in the industrial machinery industry, and our capacity to handle large projects in multiple languages. We also utilized Translation Memory tools to streamline the translation process which was an essential part of the translation process in this industry. Intertranslations started with manual translations then moved on to translations for supplementary documents including warranties, marketing material and like documents. All these documents were translated into over 20 European languages. To successfully facilitate such a large project, and guarantee that quality was maintained throughout the process, Intertranslations used Translation Memory tools extensively on this assignment. In fact, Intertranslations used Translation Memory servers that allowed more translators to work simultaneously online helping to maintain translation consistency and speed across all parts of the project.


  • Improved translation quality and terminology consistency than provided by previous vendors was shown, based on a report that was conducted by a client appointed independent assessor
  • Elimination of human interaction consequently reduced translation costs around 19% by streamlining the project management of translation especially with regards to managing documents
  • Integrated system for translation of the company’s different types of support content

Machinery Equipment Industry

Make the most of machinery equipment translation - with Intertranslations consultancy, customization and language technology. We have the specialists and the technological expertise to achieve the results you want. Intertranslations will find the right combination of technologies to produce the texts you need. Integrating your corporate glossary and our comprehensive lexicon results in more accurate and better quality translations. We post-edit machine translations, clarifying and structuring machine-translated texts.

We complete Industry projects based on:

  • Methodology: Through Intertranslations planned, organized and straightforward procedures you can tackle your translation needs as a project, and identify cheaper, faster, and better ways of completing your translation work. Projects completed in the machinery manufacturing sector by Intertranslations can ensure: text adaptation and localization in the best possible way to comply with local regulations and market requirements.
  • Technology and Infrastructure: The use of language translation “assets” offered by Intertranslations, which are made of translation memories, area-specific dictionaries and glossaries, enable us to reuse the content across all documents and optimize our clients translation process which, in turn, saves time, ensures quality, and inevitably reduces their costs.
  • Human Resources: Intertranslations utilises professional translators who have experience in translating for the machinery equipment industry. This means that they know the industry tools and understand how to use them to speed up work and improve consistency. Precision, technical writing along with the attention to detail required, is delivered by our professional translators when performing machinery equipment translation projects. Our professionals deliver top performance translations by providing precision and meticulously for all the projects that are carried out.
  • Language Strategy Consulting: Intertranslations has 16 years of experience in the industry and has specific knowledge in the field. We can help your company understand what markets to target, which languages to complete and which materials to localize.

Projects Completed in the Industry:

Companies in the industry (please refer to website) who have trusted Intertranslations with projects covered: catalogues, fact sheets, product specifications sheets, installer’s manuals, labelling, marketing material, product registrations, quick reference guides, regulatory forms, training materials, warranty documentation, white papers, safety work sheets and quality control sheets.

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[*] for confidentiality issues we cannot disclose the name of our client who wishes to remain anonymous

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