About Us

Intertranslations was established in 1996 and provides high quality translation services in technical, legal, financial, marketing, educational and medical fields, in all European and Asian languages.

With a continuous investment in human resources and new technologies, the company meets the needs of its clients by providing, in addition to translations, integrated solutions for electronic and printed text services, as well as website localization in numerous languages.

The company’s personnel is its greatest asset. A professional team of translators, consultants, linguists and technicians are committed to meeting our customers’ demanding requirements and to deliver top quality translations. We use cutting-edge translation technologies to guarantee efficient processes and deliver extensive cost and time advantages to our customers.

Leading multinational companies and organizations are amongst Intertranslations’ clients. A relationship built on trust and respect governs the company’s continuous commitment to all its customers aiming to achieve superior quality translation services.

Why Intertranslations

In its 20 years of operation, Intertranslations has been selected as a trusted translation services provider by some of the largest international companies and MLVs.

The reasons why our company remains a preferred partner of choice to many include our excellent customer service, our proprietary translation technology and expertise, and our highly-competitive prices. Discover the unique advantages of Intertranslations and experience the difference for yourself.

Intertranslations has a team of seasoned translation specialists and possesses the technological expertise to achieve the results that discerning clients demand. Our experience helps us find the right combination of tools and methods to produce the required results. We provide accurate, first-rate translations by integrating our client’s corporate glossary and our collective terminology database.

Intertranslations is the leading translation company in Greece and among the first in Europe to have invested in ISO 9001: 2005, ISO 27001: 2005, and DIN EN ISO 17100: 2016-05. Due to our strict standards, clients in all sectors have trusted Intertranslations with large-scale and challenging projects.

With a constant investment in our people, we consider our human resources to be our greatest asset and the most important element of our service. Our linguists include a network of over 2000 translators specializing in numerous fields including specialized engineers, terminology experts, linguists, interpreters, desktop publishing specialists, graphic designers, etc.

Intertranslations’ unique approach maximizes both its human and technological resources to deliver the best solution for each client. Our expert translators are paired with leading technology to deliver our clients the most accurate, efficient, and affordable translation solutions. This allows us to provide fast time-to-market results that are also cost-effective.

Exclusive Processes: Our signature work environment, the InLance platform, allows us to seamlessly combine the benefits of both free lancers and in-house linguists while eliminating the corresponding challenges.

Specialized Language Translation Assets: This technology includes translation memories, industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries that optimize translation. The company has the capacity to work with various file formats without limitations, which facilitates flexibility for our clients.

Terminology and Translation Memories: All projects are carried out using SDL MultiTerm Server 2009, and SDL TM Server 2009. Intertranslations is one of the few European translation providers to have invested in such technologies.

IT Infrastructure:  Our efficient network includes an ERP Integrated System, Project Management System, CRM system, Vendor Extranet, Client Extranet, File Management System, Risk Management System. Intertranslations uses premium tools such as translation memories, industry-specific dictionaries and glossaries that optimize translation solutions, saving you time and money.

Agility:  Due to our large network and technological resources, Intertranslations can meet your fluctuating volume demands. Working with Intertranslations enables our clients to focus on their core competency instead of constantly monitoring work-in-progress projects.

Values & Philosophy

Intertranslations’ 20 years of presence in the translation market has been based on non-negotiable principles which underline its philosophy: “The best people and the latest technology in our customers’ service.”

Intertranslations’ core values are summarized in the following four:

• People Centric

• Excellent Customer Service

• Technological Innovation

• Focus on the Future

Intertranslations’s Social Responsibility

Intertranslations operates in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, adopts best practices and incorporates the UN Global Compact Principles into strategies, policies and procedures.